Cooperation between physical and non-physical realms

One of the major differences between old and new energy environments is more and more conscious cooperation between the physical and non-physical realms in alignment with the greatest good for all. This work is most potent when a group of people with a high level of consciousness participates in each event. This allows the anchoring of large amounts of light-coded information and the upgrading of global consciousness, grids and paradigms with more ease and grace.

Facilitators include Raquel Spencer, Paul Selig, Mia den Haan, Natalie Glasson, Ailia Mira, Anrita Melchizedek, Gene Ang and many others.

Wildcards – Kryon through Lee Carroll

Kryon Channeling  (Wilmington, North Carolina, November 19, 2016, main)

“A wildcard is an invention, a person, a thing, an event, which changes the planet. If it’s an invention, it has to be outside of the purview of what would normally have occurred through the evolution of science. It has to be a paradigm shifter …”

Wildcards appear when our consciousness allows it. – Tesla, the Wright brothers, the invention of the radio, Einstein, Steve Jobs …

“There are inventions in the future, one in particular, that you will not receive until the time is right. It’s almost like there is a thinking ceiling on what you can do … We said it would be the ability, finally, to see quantum fields. And if you could do that, it would rewrite physics as you know it. You would see the patterns … It would be right there in front of you. Massless objects would be easy if you could see the patterns … It would be the wildcard invention of the century … Einstein isn’t finished yet … The Einsteinian principles … will be very much involved in what is coming …”

Was Steve Jobs Tesla returned? “No, dear ones, Tesla is back to do something else, later …”

2016 is a 9 year, the completion of a paradigm – the election of the 45th (4+5=9) president …

“Old soul, I want you to relax with the wildcards. They do what they do on purpose so you will have a better civilization in the future … Can you relax in the face of uncertainty?”

“Now, we are talking about the REAL unexpected things, there are more coming your way …”