The Power of Expectations – Kryon through Lee Carroll

Kryon channeling  (December 2016, Newport mini)

Kryon talks about the butterfly effect – Consciousness, Energy, Synchronicity – and the importance of positive expectations.

 “There has never been a time in history where the Consciousness of the lightworker has had more power …

It’s like placing an order from the universe … What do you expect next? … The power of what you expect will then create what happens … the lightworkers all around the planet …What you expect, you’ll get … I want you to see the benevolent outcome … You count … It’s how you feel with your heart inside … Can you project a fantastic consciousness coming? … “

We are at the end of a 9-year and approaching 1-1-1, January 1, 2017.

Preparing for Dance, Joy, Beauty, Peace, Clarity, Harmony, Fluidity, Balance, Wisdom, Nurturing, Warmth, Well-Being, Celebration, Expansion, Lightness, Radiance, Inner Strength, Alignment, Infinite Potential, Unlimited Energy, Softness, Ease and Grace …