New Earth Consciousness – Classic Earth Consciousness

“The New Earth is here.” he said. “It’s not just in one place; it’s everywhere […] You’re in it right now. It’s everywhere around you, all the attributes, the freedom, the expression, the sovereignty, the non-linear, non-intellectual way of being […] but most people don’t see it […] Tell your readers that those who don’t have the consciousness simply won’t see it and, therefore, they cannot attack it, steal from it or corrupt it […] because the New Earth has been set up where they just won’t see it until they’re ready.”

“New Earth is the hope, the freedom, the expression and the fulfillment, and it is occurring right now, with every thought that you have, every Allowing that you allow […] it begins to change the grids and meridians of the physical planet […] The changes you are making and allowing in your life right now are changing everything else.”

“Tell your readers that it doesn’t matter whether or not there is some mass convergence of Classic Earth and New Earth, as if we’re going to pull them together and MAKE them work together. We don’t need to. You can be on your own New Earth right now.”

“Today there are over 200 New Earth dimensions. They are needed because New Earth is also the waypoint where the angelic beings, the ones that follow after you, come to learn what it’s like to be in the physical body as part of their own Realization of their I Am.”

~ from ‘Memoirs of a Master: 20 short stories from a spiritual Master’ by Adamus Saint-Germain through Geoffrey and Linda Hoppe


Frequency upgrade – planetary and individual

Our energy body is going through structural changes and frequency upgrades along with Gaia, while fields of consciousness are changing into more advanced states of integrated multidimensionality, during this intense phase of galactic evolution.

Old collective structures that are not in resonance with the higher frequencies are dissolving, while new fluidity is emerging. Aspects that have played in density are being regenerated, revitalized, upgraded in frequency, returned to their divine blueprint and re-integrated into the Body of Consciousness.

We can assist this process by aligning our consciousness and frequency with timeline scenarios that evoke feelings of inner peace, joy and freedom.

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Mists of Avalon – dimensional realms with diverging frequency bands

More and more New Energy leaders are making the permanent shift into the New Earth frequency band. Although at this stage, the difference is not as distinct as the mists of Avalon, one reality may over time completely move out of sight of the other.

frequency bands

Orienting towards New Earth consciousness during a year of turbulence

While we are moving into a more fluid reality and letting go of mental constructs, there are certain energetic qualities that can help us to orient towards the New Earth consciousness during a year of turbulence.

– From rigid to fluid

– From efforting, forcing, controlling and pushing to allowing

– From the illusion of personal power to individual access to infinite energy

– From linear to multidimensional

– From brain-centered to heart-centered

– A balance of masculine and feminine energies

– From limited human to embodied Divine Essence

– From thinking to knowing, presence and awareness

– From busyness to inner peace

– From drama to staying centered

– From cognitive to vibrational

Creative, playful, joyful, light, expansive, subtle, radiant

Returning to center amidst distractions

Our bodies are changing with Gaia

The harmonic resonance of our physical bodies is linked to that of Gaia and her current ascension process affects us physically. Over the coming year there will be visible changes in our appearance and cellular changes at the atomic level. Our access to knowledge and skills available through higher-dimensional aspects of our DNA is going to increase.

The range of timelines existing on Earth has become very wide. We can make a positive difference for the collective and the universe by focusing on timelines of higher consciousness and vibration and by not giving energy to the density that is being released on the planet and individually.

Focusing on the positive aspects of physical incarnation, such as the beauty of nature, supports the physical body during the ascension process.

The physical symptoms experienced differ depending on our level of evolution and the type of density that is being released.

The energetic properties of some food plants support grounding while others support multi-dimensionality.

The current level of evolution enables support from the Blue Avians who are heart-centered beings assisting with the healing of natural environments like oceans and forests.