Unlike thousands of years ago, global consciousness now is not just raised by rare individuals like Buddha or Yeshua, but increasingly larger numbers are achieving embodied Realization, enabling an exponential rise of the level of consciousness on the planet.

At the same time, everyone’s journey is unique. The book ‘Memoirs of a Master’ tells twenty short stories describing some of the experiences of embodied mastery, providing comfort, reassurance and insights from those who have been through it.


The Book of Mastery – by Paul Selig


White Beacons of Atlantis – Natalie Glasson


ACT OF CONSCIOUSNESS: How your reality is created, and how you can change it – Messages from an Ascended Master – ADAMUS SAINT-GERMAIN through Geoffrey & Linda Hoppe


The Twelve Rays of Light – Natalie Glasson


Birthing the New Earth – Karen Dover


Living in a Body on a Planet – William Linville


Earth Awakens: Prophecy 2012 – 20130, Sal Rachele








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