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These are challenging times of transformation. We are asked to let go of anything that no longer serves us. As more light comes in, it shines onto those areas of our lives that are not in alignment with our highest potential.

The old systems that are based on ego and fear are falling apart. It is up to us to dream the new world into being. We are the co-creators. Our consciousness is very powerful.

  • Always focus on the things you want and not what you fear or worry about. Instead of worrying about financial problems, visualise abundance. Ask the angels for help. Surrender your problems to a higher power.
  • When you feel fear, choose love.
  • Sound is the most powerful vibration for dissolving the painbody. Find  a kinesiologist who uses tuning forks for balancing energies. Find a crystal bowls therapist in your area.
  • Use the power of your voice. Chant OM. Chant Deva Premal’s Mantras for Precarious Times.
  • Use music, chanting and toning to dissolve energy blocks, to promote higher vibrational frequencies and to bring your consciousness into the present.
  • Rest when you need to. Our body and mind need to integrate the higher vibrational frequencies.
  • Spend time in nature every day. Imagine your aura expanding and being cleansed.
  • Exercise at least 30 minutes a day (walking, Tai Chi, yoga).
  • Do whatever you can to ensure your home environment reflects and promotes the higher frequencies. E.g. declutter, have indoor plants, use sacred geometry, have an altar, smudge with sage stick, etc.
  • Change to a more sattvic diet. Eat organic foods where possible.  In the future we will rely more on the light for nourishment and will need to eat less.  (see interview with Dolores Cannon)
  • Drink more water. Bless the water and honour its sacred properties, its ability to cleanse and act as a carrier of loving energy.
  • Bring your consciousness into your energy body and ground down into the Earth. Be like a tree and channel the light. Imagine your feet in the earth and light flowing through all your energy channels. Imagine growing roots deep into the Earth.
  • Stay connected with other lightworkers both locally and globally. Help each other and exchange information.
  • Participate in local and global group meditations, such as Global Care Focus and Pranic Healing meditations.
  • Work with crystals to heal yourself, others and the Earth. We are crystalline angelic beings of light.
  • Read the chapter “The Gatekeepers” on
  • Visualize Planet Earth surrounded by white light.
  • Make use of available healing modalities to balance the energy flow in your lightbody and integrate the higher frequencies, e.g. Reiki and other energy healing, kinesiology, network chiropractic, BodyTalk, homeopathy (especially high potencies that work on a more subtle level), flower essences, bodywork, massage, etc..
  • Detox: Use holistic medicine instead of pharmaceuticals. Avoid chemicals in the home. Air your home and choose indoor plants that remove chemicals. Eat organic food where possible. Drink water with vitamin C powder once a day. Avoid red meat. Avoid food additives. Ask a kinesiologist to test for food intolerances. Let go of life-circumstances and habits that are not in line with your highest potential.
  • Practice yoga and meditation.
  • We need to move from brain-centred consciousness to heart-centred consciousness.
  • Choose love not fear. Remember who you are and why you are here.
  • Practice “The Sacred Space of the Heart Meditation” by Drunvalo Melchizedek.
  • Our consciousness is very powerful. Focus on what you want and not what you fear or worry about. It is better to pray than to worry. (Doreen Virtue)
  • The angels are here to help us with the transition. Ask for help as often as possible. Be clear about what exactly you want.
  • As more light comes in, the light shines on those parts of us that are still in darkness. Allow the energy to flow and stay present. Be aware of those aspects of your life that no longer serve you and make changes where necessary. Become aware of any resistance and practice surrender.
  • Stay centred and grounded. Flood your lightbody with consciousness.
  • Read Eckhart Tolle’s “Practicing the Power of Now” and “The New Earth”.
  • Don’t get pulled off-centre by fear. Focus on the peace in your heart

To fully manifest our divine essence in the world we not only need to heal the energetic imprints of past emotional pain and trauma, we also need to surrender ego-identification with small self and the illusion of separation. This includes conscious or sub-conscious attitudes of “I am right.”, “I am superior / inferior.” or “I am in control.” Bill Ballard talks about the challenges:

Wayne Dyer lists seven steps for transcending ego:

Wayne Dyer’s Seven Steps for Overcoming the Hold of the Ego

The following video tells a story about surrendering hundred percent:

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