Our consciousness is very powerful. Our powers of manifestation are increasing. What kind of world do we want to dream into being?

Here are some ideas to get started:

  • Clean air
  • Clean water
  • Clean soil
  • Organic food bursting with life force
  • Fun and laughter
  • Stillness and peace
  • Dancing and music
  • Amazing artwork
  • Community and time for Self
  • Unconditional love
  • Homes that support and promote the higher vibrations
  • Holistic, integrative, individualized healthcare
  • Crystalline angelic beings of light
  • Conscious collaboration with beings from higher dimensions
  • A magical world with fairies, angels and unicorns
  • Being aligned with Divine will (unconditional love)
  • Living personal truth in harmony with others
  • Intuitive and authentic
  • Heart-centered

Birth2012 – Help birth a new world!

Inspirational video: Guerilla gardening in LA

The Hopegirl2012 plan is based on 300 essay submissions from 37 countries.
While David Wolfe makes his happiness dependent on gaining control over the external environment and insists that the problem is out there,  Juliet Carter from The Template points out that our personal transformation is the key: “It is easier to take up arms against the madness than to see yourself. The courage needed to crusade against the many apparent injustices of this world pales against the commitment needed to face one’s own shadow…to become the change.

We are making progress:


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