Our bodies are changing with Gaia

The harmonic resonance of our physical bodies is linked to that of Gaia and her current ascension process affects us physically. Over the coming year there will be visible changes in our appearance and cellular changes at the atomic level. Our access to knowledge and skills available through higher-dimensional aspects of our DNA is going to increase.

The range of timelines existing on Earth has become very wide. We can make a positive difference for the collective and the universe by focusing on timelines of higher consciousness and vibration and by not giving energy to the density that is being released on the planet and individually.

Focusing on the positive aspects of physical incarnation, such as the beauty of nature, supports the physical body during the ascension process.

The physical symptoms experienced differ depending on our level of evolution and the type of density that is being released.

The energetic properties of some food plants support grounding while others support multi-dimensionality.

The current level of evolution enables support from the Blue Avians who are heart-centered beings assisting with the healing of natural environments like oceans and forests.