Moving to higher-vibrational expressions of masculine/feminine energies

Balancing and integrating masculine/feminine and fire-air/earth-water energies requires a higher-vibrational and aligned expression of these energies in each individual.

When discussing masculine and feminine principles and the qualities of the elements it is vital to distinguish between distorted, lower-vibrational expressions prevalent during the power-over-others dynamics of the Separation Age and the higher-vibrational expressions of the Era of Love and beyond.

The Separation Age was characterized by victim-perpetrator dynamics, the egoic mind, the use of personal power out of alignment with divine will, competition, fear/lack/scarcity beliefs and painbody/wounding energies.

1. Shifting our center of awareness and decision-making from the head to the heart helps us to align with our highest Truth.

2. Raising our vibrations and embodying more of the Love and Light that we are helps to transmute painbody and wounding energies and release energetic interference.

3. The structural components of the lightbody (chakras, nadis, meridians, etc.) need to be repaired and aligned. This is best done by higher-dimensional teams of light beings who specialize in this work. (Experienced experts working with these light beings include Raquel Spencer, Daniella Breen, William Linville and Dr. Edwige Bingue.)

4. Cooperation with Source, our higher Self, the animal/plant/mineral kingdoms, dolphins and whales, Gaia, and beings from other realms, including Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, guides, galactic family and friends, elementals, devas, fairies, unicorns, and many others ensures a smooth transition to New Earth and the Era of Love.