April 2014 – Month of Transformation – Where is your North Node?

Each of us is a unique piece in the puzzle of creating Heaven on Earth. During the turbulence of intense global and personal transformation it can be helpful to know what to let go of and what to give energy to. In our personal astrological chart the North Node holds the energies of the future and the South Node points to our old habits, tendencies, beliefs and past-life experiences. The old energies are often reinforced by society and family. That’s why it is good to consciously focus on the positive energies of our North Node sign and house.

In addition to feeling into the shift from South Node to North Node energies it can also be helpful to look at the positive qualities of our Rising Sign (Ascendant). As we continue clearing old energies and embodying more of our True Selves, the following questions can provide clarity and focus:

What does my inner shift from South Node to North Node energies feel like?

How can I use the gifts of my Rising Sign in service to humanity?