The Gate – Mary Magdalene, channelled by Pamela Kribbe

“Listen to the voice of your heart. Choose for yourself; choose the way you want to go in this life. Decide to do it with all your strength, unconditionally! Take the plunge into the deep, where real love prevails. But know in that deep space there is no bottom, and it can feel like a leap into the abyss, into the void. You will no longer be supported by the approval, compliments, and recognition of others; you will stand alone.

Feel, for a while, the immense space in the center of your heart, where there is no judgment, and no idealized images of where you should go. Only Being is present there, pure Being. Can you stand that much freedom, or would you prefer to stay on the leash of norms and values provided by others? Can you take that dive into the depths? Can you truly live?”

Full Text:   (The Gate)