Own your mastery – from the latest Beacons of Light webcast

The following is from the live channeling of The Group by Steve Rother on 30 June 2012. (The full text will be published on http://www.lightworker.com later this month):

Own your mastery 

We are celebrating a landmark of vibration which all of humanity has now reached.

Yes, it is difficult. You need to learn to walk at this new vibration. The energy has been coming in waves. Every time you need to ground again in the new energy. It does not have the same stability that you have been searching. Instead of moving when you feel right, you need to move to feel right. The waves of energy will keep coming. Sometimes they might have taken you a step back. The physical bodies must adapt and learn the best way to express your spirit. That is why many feel so lost. Former ways of success do not feel as fulfilling. You will get comfortable with this movement. Your physical body is now going through changes. There are now about 212 years of changes ahead of you. You will learn to ride the waves. Change and movement will be the way of the future. You need to figure out how to anchor yourself today. Set your intent, move forward and create your reality one heartbeat at a time. You are used to using your thoughts, but now you need to find a new balance between your heart and your brain. You have always known the path, but you have hidden it from yourself with your thoughts and belief systems.

Each one of you has brought a very unique vibration from home. You are creating your own reality every second of every day. You are a witness on this planet. All of consciousness is a witness. Your spirit is from Home. Any part of light that comes from Home into your physical body is consciousness. You are part of much larger families of light. You are now moving and changing at the speed of love.

What about all those spirits who are watching you? You are also being witnessed by all the beings who stepped aside so you could take this place on planet Earth. You are right on purpose. Start allowing your greatness to show. Every bit of information is needed on this planet. Allow the light to come through you.

Now you can recoup the abilities of the spirit world in the physical body. You are huge beings that stretch energetically and mingle with every other energy field. When you do this consciously you spread your light. The magic is here.

There is also a sadness on planet Earth that has been going on for some time. This deep inner sadness may hit you at some time. This has to do with leaving Home. You had to leave your Home where everything was done with a single thought.

You are quickly moving towards a different level of communication. With this will emerge the hidden teachers. Your information is needed. The students will show up. You are learning to channel. Your connection to your own heart will light your way. There are thousands of spirits behind each and every one of you. They are so incredbily proud of you.

You are scripting a new game. Every day creates a new reality. You are a nested part of a very large family. This family is flooding you with light and love whenever you are ready to receive it. You have thousands of spirits watching your every step.

Step up to the next level and speak your truth.

You are nested in many levels of being.

Very few beings ever thought that humanity would make it this far.

You are the greatest angels that have ever lived.

You need to understand who you are and live your mastery.

Go out and spread as much light as you can.