Magnetic portals linking the sun and the earth – recent NASA research

A NASA-sponsored researcher at the University of Iowa has developed a way for spacecraft to hunt down hidden magnetic portals in the vicinity of Earth. These portals link the magnetic field of our planet to that of the sun.

Channelled interview with Sanat Kumara – Manifesting the symphony of Divine Love

In a recent interview on InLight Radio Sanat Kumara (channelled by Linda Dillon) explained why we are here and where we are going.

The original intention was to bring Divine Love into physical manifestation. But the flexibility provided by free will caused separation to go awry.

… The idea of creating life-form was to have an expression of form that was considered to be beautiful, an expression of beauty, an expression of potential, not limitation, an expression to have an experience of physicality, of a different expression of form. That was the idea, the creation purpose.

…  to have an experience in form, and also to have the expression of what we would call love in a physical reality.

… Now, when we say “love” we do not mean simply what you think of so often as the physical reality, but truly the unconditional love, the joining together of hearts. So it is the separation and the unity at the same time. The separation that came to be understood upon your planet is completely gone astray, because the separation was simply an expression of the uniqueness and the diversity and the expression of so many faces, if you want to think of it that way, of how one can conceive. So that was the original idea…

So the Divine Plan, the original plan – let us put it that way – was the creation of this form, this life-form, this expression of One, of All, of Mother/Father/All, to be having the experience of love…

Now, when the Gaia volunteered for this undertaking as well, it was understood that this planet would be a place of love. This was the Divine Plan. The Divine Plan was for this humanoid, human collective, and everybody else, to have this experience of love, of joy, of peace…

… the Divine Plan has always been that, regardless of how far you wandered, that you would still recover and learn from the experience – because we do not judge within our realm; it is not considered, oh, this was right, this is wrong; that is not the way that we conceive or operate – but that there would be an awakening, and yes, a great awakening. But this has happened in stages, and that there would be a return to love, to awareness, and in that awareness, and in that love, would be the recapturing or the re-embrace, the re-claiming of your divinity, of your ability to be multi-inter-dimensional beings – as is the whole planet, by the way – and that you would have the reconnection not only to the love that is the energy and the substance, the essence, of All, but that you would have the reconnection to the love that you are.

… And in that reconnection to the love that you are, that that would create even a grander awakening and opening, and that you would see and come to understand the connection to your fellow human beings, the collective, and, through that, that truly there is no such thing as separation, and through that, that there is only unity. And therefore the expression of what you choose to create in your multi-dimensional self would return and become an expression of what the Divine would create. So even within what I would refer to as the Divine Plan, there was this flexibility for you to strike. Now because of that wandering, there has been a great deal, more than you probably can conceive of, of assistance that has been brought forward and that was put in place and has been in place for a very, very long time, millions and millions of years, to assist you in that unfoldment and in that evolution, as you – each of you and all of you – evolve back to the One and into the Light, into the Love…

… there will be the creation of the new, of the expression that was always part of the Divine Plan, which is the expression of light, of your uniqueness made manifest, and in that uniqueness and manifestation of you, it is the manifestation of All. And so your manifestations, because you are in adherence to the law – and I hope I am clear – it will be in harmony with everybody’s creation and manifestation. It is, it is like the choirs who have tenors and bass and altos and sopranos. It is like the angelic chorus. It is like the orchestras. It is a symphony, but it is a symphony of the universe.

… So you are returning, you are returning now to that alignment with the Plan, let us suggest, and the transition – and you are all picking up speed by the way – that transition that you have been fully participating in, and that is true of all of humanity, whether they recognize it, acknowledge it or not – it does not matter, they are a part of it – and that is well, well, well advanced and under way. And what that means, my friend, in very practical terms, I am, as your shepherd, pleased to say that the wandering is over.

Poesías de la Nueva Energía – Poems by Jorge Oyhanarte

Jorge Oyhanarte composes poems that describe the experience of unfolding the new energies of Heaven on Earth. The following poem, Toca tu musica (Play your music), reminds us that we have chosen to incarnate at this special time in history to express our unique eternal essence as part of the greater symphony. Each of us has come into this world with a unique energetic note that is beautiful, special and sacred.