Queen – Brian May’s prophecy

“The Prophet’s Song” (working title “People of the Earth”) composed by Brian May in 1975 is based on a dream he had while recovering from being ill. It contains the words:

“The Earth will shake, In two will break”

The idea of planet Earth breaking into two, with some people ascending with 5D Earth while others remain on 3D Earth, is a recurring theme in current channelled information, such as the books written by Dolores Cannon.

Dolores Cannon - Three Waves of Volunteer Souls & Ascension (Starseeds, Indigos, Crystals, etc.)


Forgiveness Mantra – by Lee Harris

An important pre-requisite for moving forward and letting go of anything that is holding us back, is forgiveness. The following mantra is from Lee Harris’ April 2012 energy forecast.

Forgiveness Mantra:

I forgive myself, for everything.

I forgive everyone, for everything.

I forgive my life, for everything.

I forgive my fear, for everything.

I forgive my judgement, for everything.

I forgive those who judged me.

I forgive those who feared me.

I forgive myself for love not yet given to myself.

I love myself.

I am free.

I am free to be fully me.

Beacons of Light – latest channeling

Steve Rother’s channeling of The Group in a live broadcast on 31 March 2012 included the following information:

  • You are being successful at raising the vibration of humanity.
  • Humanity is at the very cusp of an evolutionary process that will take you about 210 years to complete. You will see shifts within your emotional body first. Much of the brain is starting to work differently. The human was developed within a field of polarity. You have been living in a field of duality. Now your evolution is leading you into a field of triality.
  • The year 2222 will be a magical time, because it will be the completion of an evolutionary process that will take much of your energy. There will be a big celebration in the year 2222 and many of you will be there.
  • There will be certain challenges. You have become sensitive to unfamiliar energies. Be careful with your exposure to the sun. Some of the defences to magnetic energies from the sun have been removed.
  • Many of you have felt disconnected over the last six months. Many teachers have gone through what could be called “a second dark night of the soul”.  A very strong wave of energy removed part of the veil. You are losing a little bit of your old identity but are gaining the new harmonics and connections to other people.
  • Everything is possible, if you only take charge of it. You are starting to connect to all of your dimensions and be a single ray of light. This is not an easy transition. Play with your magic every day. There is nothing to wait for. You are bringing the light from heaven and shining it through your eyes.
  • We are here to love you for who you are.