Healing with the Masters

The Healing with the Masters program gives you FREE online access to talks by inspirational speakers.


  • Identify powerful self-healing techniques that you can use each and every day
  • Experience unprecedented high frequencies energies that just by listening will transform you
  • Find and discover your birthright of wealth for foundational financial healing
  • Find the overlays of lower vibrating energies, old traumas and events… and fully release them
  • Master the most powerful techniques found on the planet for clearing
  • Implement new healing practices that will guide you to your dreams
  • Rediscover the master within, the master that is you and your powerful creative force
  • Learn how to help not only yourself, but your family, your friends AND your community



Use Complementary Medicine to help you with the transition!

There are a large number of holistic healing modalities that can help us to stay balanced during the ascension process. Some examples are kinesiology, energy healing (e.g. Reiki, Pranic Healing, Theta Healing), flower essences, essential oils, BodyTalk, Network Chiropractic, crystal healing, and many others.

Lobby your national government to make these available to everyone and to invest into research of holistic approaches, so that these become part of mainstream evidence-based medicine.

The following petition is asking the Australian Government to make complementary healthcare available under Medicare:  Medicare Petition (Australia)