New Earth Consciousness – Classic Earth Consciousness

“The New Earth is here.” he said. “It’s not just in one place; it’s everywhere […] You’re in it right now. It’s everywhere around you, all the attributes, the freedom, the expression, the sovereignty, the non-linear, non-intellectual way of being […] but most people don’t see it […] Tell your readers that those who don’t have the consciousness simply won’t see it and, therefore, they cannot attack it, steal from it or corrupt it […] because the New Earth has been set up where they just won’t see it until they’re ready.”

“New Earth is the hope, the freedom, the expression and the fulfillment, and it is occurring right now, with every thought that you have, every Allowing that you allow […] it begins to change the grids and meridians of the physical planet […] The changes you are making and allowing in your life right now are changing everything else.”

“Tell your readers that it doesn’t matter whether or not there is some mass convergence of Classic Earth and New Earth, as if we’re going to pull them together and MAKE them work together. We don’t need to. You can be on your own New Earth right now.”

“Today there are over 200 New Earth dimensions. They are needed because New Earth is also the waypoint where the angelic beings, the ones that follow after you, come to learn what it’s like to be in the physical body as part of their own Realization of their I Am.”

~ from ‘Memoirs of a Master: 20 short stories from a spiritual Master’ by Adamus Saint-Germain through Geoffrey and Linda Hoppe