These are intense times of transformation. As higher frequency energies are flooding the planet everything that is of a lower vibration is coming to the surface to be released. At the same time it is important to focus on the energies and feelings we want to experience.

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When Eckhart Tolle’s A New Earth was first published in 2005 there were great hopes for a large scale blossoming of higher consciousness on this planet.

In January 2017 it was announced that  there would be a divergence of  timelines to allow those on a faster path of evolution to continue into higher consciousness, while those who cling to the illusion of power, control by the egoic mind, or painbody and victim identity remain in the Old Earth frequency band.


What can we do now?

Stay centered in the inner knowing of the sacred heart. Allow the mind to become still. (Transcending the egoic mind)

Use the Violet Flame often to clear your own energy field, any buildings you enter, your suburb, town, state, country, all of planet Earth.

Be fully present in every part of your physical body and energy field. Allow every physical cell and all of your energy field to be filled with Love/Light from Source / your I AM Presence. (Transcending the painbody)

Visualize a vertical connection to the heart of Gaia and the heart of Source or the core of the Great Central Sun. Keep your Earth Star and Soul Star chakras balanced and connected. Spend time in nature. (Connecting to Gaia and Source)

Connect with others of high frequency and consciousness locally and globally, creating a strong Light grid of frequency holders around the planet.

Co-creation: Focus on the energy/feelings you would like to experience in the New Earth, such as Love, Joy, Peace, Bliss, Grace, Beauty, Abundance, Well-Being, Tranquility, Flow, Clarity, Ease, Truth, Inner Strength, Harmony …

Set clear intentions for what you want to experience … the essence, not the details … allow the universe to surprise you with magic and miracles beyond your wildest imaginations.

Keep your vibrations high with time in nature, uplifting music, ndoor plants, flowers, aromatherapy, flower essences, fresh organic food, lots of structured water …

Connect with your family of Light in the higher dimensions. Allow your higher Self, entourage, angelic realms, archangelic realms and creator levels to assist you and guide you. Cooperate with elementals, devas, fairies, dolphins, whales, the animal/plant/mineral kingdoms, ascended masters, galactic friends and family, …

Conscious breathing – Rest in the awareness of your breath throughout the day.

Deep relaxation – Relax every muscle and every cell in your whole body and allow the angels to clear your body and energy field and flood it with Divine Love and Light.


Patricia Cota-Robles’ violet flame meditation for clearing lower-vibrational energies:

Latest updates:

For the first time in the history of the universe an entire planet is ascending to a higher dimension. When exactly each of us reaches the culmination point of the ascension is up to us.

The influx of higher frequency energies is continuing. There are many things we can do to enable our bodies to hold and channel more light.  Our personal transformation is essential for the conscious evolution of humanity. See Practical Tips for advice on what you can do.

Vibrational webcasts and audios to assist with embodying more light:

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